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Message: Hey folks,

I do like where your minds are headed with these ideas but think you need to get an R.D. on board. I have a degree in Dietetics, but I have not finished my internship nor taken the R.D. exam yet, but I have a couple ideas.

Include some sort of warning or explanation for certain nutrients. Try to promote eating the good foods instead of denying the bad. People have an easier time of being told what to eat instead of being told ‘no’ all the time. Example, for fiber, make a note of its benefits and what it promotes. Outline the idea that USFAs are a good thing in moderation. Most people will never meet any elitist standards, but I think if they can get more of the good stuff (fiber is key), they will automatically be forced away from the bad. Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

Thank You and Good Luck,

David Havrilla